Oldies But Goodies Inc. | Gifts
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Find the Right Gifts for Your Loved Ones!

Find the Right Gifts for Your Loved Ones!

Gifts suitable for any occasion

An unbelievable selection of gifts suitable for any occasion!


Looking for a gift?

We have 50 packed rooms from candles to Adirondack and lake themed items. There’s something for everyone at Oldies but Goodies.


Looking to pamper yourself?

Our new boutique area is the perfect place to find that one of a kind piece to add to your wardrobe. We offer everything from fashion scarves and purses to skirts and sweaters. We also carry different accessories to go with any outfit you might put together.


We carry 6 major candle companies including Yankee and Keepers of the light along with a ton of candle accessories.



Are you shopping for that difficult relative or friend?

Why not get them an Oldies but Goodies gift card?